Adobo Design Conference | May 10, 2019





#adoboDesignWeek, and the #adoboDesignAwardsAsia, launches its 10th year with the theme, #THINKDESIGNTHINK. Let’s discuss design thinking in all forms, lead by keynote speakers, Paolo Malabuyo, Director of User Experience (UX) for YouTube Advertising, Google Head Office; Adjunct Professor at CMU Silicon Valley and Tim Kobe, CEO Eight Inc.

Tim Kobe

CEO Eight Inc.

Anyone who’s been to an Apple store and bought an Apple product has seen Tim Kobe’s work. The architect and designer is the founder of Eight Inc, the strategic design firm who is credited with creating the Apple Store, the world’s top retailer since the first wave of stores first opened in 2001. Taking a few days off from his duties he flies all the way to Manila to share some insights on branded experience and innovation.


Paolo Malabuyo

Google, Director of UX in Silicon Valley

Don’t miss Google’s Director of User Experience in Silicon Valley, Paolo Malabuyo as he shares his UX expertise at this year’s Adobo Design Conference. His talk titled ‘Chasing Big Waves’, will reflect his personal insights and share key lessons from his experience in working with brands like Xbox 360, Mercedes-Benz, and Netflix.



Followed by series of talks from #adAA2019 Jury President Yang Yeo, 
Asia Pacific Creative Kaiju, 
Hakuhodo Inc.; Jowee Alviar, 
Co-Founder, Team Manila Graphic Design Studio and Founder & President of CDAP Communication Design Association of the Philippines; Jayson Atienza, 
Artist & Creative Director, Shanghai

; Nadya Kirillova, 
Creative Director, Team B, Dentsu Japan; 

Hidetoshi Kurinari, Creative Director, Team B, Dentsu Japan

; Rich Tu, 
VP/Creative Director of MTV Brand Design and AIGA NY Board of Directors.

Yang Yeo

Asia Pacific Creative Kaiju, Hakuhodo Inc.

Famed for his multidisciplinary creative talent that has won him multiple awards like “Creative of the Year”, “Agency of the Year”, and “Marketer of the Year” from different award shows. To date, his work ‘Heaven and Hell’ for Samsonite, remains the most awarded print of all time–taking 10 Grand Prizes, 38 Gold awards and 3 Yellow Pencils.


Jowee Alviar

Co-Founder, Team Manila Founder & President of CDAP

Co-founder and Creative Director of TeamManila Lifestyle. Ranging from travel brochures, matchboxes to sweepstakes tickets, Jowee’s impressive collection is the result of his tireless rummaging in thrift shops. He hopes to preserve the collection of Philippine design for the future generations.

Jayson Atienza

Artist & Creative Director

Visual artist based in Shanghai whose passion for painting has led him to the different parts of the world. He applies his signature style to an array of traditional and non-traditional canvases, painting the world with dynamic colors and strong line detail.

Nadya Kirillova

Dentsu Tokyo, Team B

Throughout her career, she has worked on events like the “2010 APEC Japan”, and projects such as “Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989” for Honda. Her excellence in the field has gotten her a Titanium Grand Prix at Cannes and a Black Pencil at D&AD among many others. Now as a member of Dentsu Team B, Nadya creates original creative education programs to innovate and diverse education in Japan.

Hidetoshi Kurinari

Dentsu Tokyo, Team B

In less than a year, he had already won international awards like Cannes, NYADC and more for his work in Dentsu Inc. He has worked on projects for the APEC 2010 conference, Tokyo Motor Show, IMF-World Bank Conference Tokyo, and Arita Porcelain Revitalisation project, to name a few.

Rich Tu

VP/Creative Director of MTV Brand Design and AIGA NY Board of Directors

VP of Design at MTV and a member of AIGA NY’s Board of Directors. He is a graduate of SVA’s prestigious Illustration as Visual Essay program and received the “Young Guns” award which recognizes the world’s best creatives under the age of 30 for his eclectic and unique work.

Joining us for panel discussions we have distinguished at #adAA2019 including 

Alvin Juban
, President, Game Developers Association 
of the Philippines; Liza Diño, Chairman and CEO, Film Development Council of the Philippines; Rhea Matute, Executive Director, DTI – Design Center of the Philippines

; Juan Miguel Del Rosario, President, Animation Council of the Philippines Inc