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Design Excellence

In 2014, we introduced the Lucille Tenazas Design Excellence Award, named after the New York-based graphic designer and one of Philippines’ most decorated practitioners.

The Lucille Tenazas Design Excellence Award

The winner of Lucille Tenazas Design Excellence Award will be selected from the top awardees across the Professional and Open Theme Categories.

Lucille Tenazas is a celebrated Filipina graphic designer and educator based in New York and is the Associate Dean in the School of Art, Media and Technology (AMT) at Parsons The New School for Design where she is the Henry Wolf Professor in Communication Design. From 1985 to 2005, while based in San Francisco, she was the Principal of Tenazas Design and was the Founding Chair of the Master in Fine Arts program in Design at California College of the Arts (CCA) where she taught for 20 years. Tenazas sits on the board of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), and is a recipient of the prestigious AIGA Award.



Professional Category

Open to all design professionals and companies in Asia. Entry is eligible if the work is released between January 1, 2018 — April 1, 2019.

Press + Poster

Press advertising that has appeared in local, national or international press. Includes interactive print or special executions in newspapers and magazines (e.g. print ads, wrap-around, posters, signs, flyers or leaflets).

Printed posters that have been displayed in conventional spaces and can include digital and interactive poster sites.


Design rendered on any Out-of Home (OOH) medium (e.g. billboards, stunts, street furniture, live events, pop-up shops, installations, 3D billboards, and digital OOH).

Corporate Branding and Identity

Graphic design that represents the company, brand, product or event’s trademark with applications across various corporate collaterals and visual identity platforms (e.g. logos, branding schemes, catalogues, stationary, and multi-platform branding).

Packaging Design

Design of the shape and form of a piece of packaging with a focus on functionality. An actual container, graphics, or visible outer presence of a product. The container may be a box, bottle or label to an elaborate system of boxes and inner packaging (e.g. consumer packaging, luxury packaging, structural packaging, and sustainable packaging).

Product Design

Design of a tangible material or 3-dimensional product that combines design and functionality, manufactured for use or for sale (e.g. consumer product design, industrial product design, wearable technology, sustainable product design, and prototypes).

Book Design

Design for publishing in any genre, whether sold commercially or released for free (e.g. trade books, children’s & young adult books, culture, art & design books, illustrated books, cookbooks, travel guides, specialist and limited edition covers, coffee table books, e-books and digital books).

Book Cover
Design rendered on the book’s protective covering.
Entire Book
The holistic value of the book.
Special Layout
The specially design layout or execution that forms part of the book, excluding the cover.
The illustrated visuals.
The photos in a book.

Magazine and Newspaper Design

Design of consumer magazines, trade magazines, independent magazines, fashion magazines, magazine supplements, newspaper supplements, both digitally and in print.

Magazine | Newspaper Cover
Design rendered on the magazine’s or newspaper’s protective covering.
Entire Magazine | Newspaper
The holistic value of the magazine or newspaper.
Magazine | Newspaper Supplements
Supplementary publication of a magazine or newspaper.
Magazine | Newspaper Sections
Specially design sections of a magazine or newspaper.
Digital Magazine | Newspaper
A magazine or newspaper published on a non-print platform.

Graphic Novels and Comic Books

Graphic Novel | Comic Book Cover
Design rendered on the magazine’s or newspaper’s protective covering.
Entire Graphic Novel | Comic Book
The holistic value of the graphic novel or comic book.
Character Design in a Graphic Novel | Comic Book
Original character design in a graphic novel or comic book.
Illustration in a Graphic Novel | Comic Book
Original illustrations rendered in a graphic novel or comic book.

Film Advertising

Any video work that promotes a certain brand, product or service (e.g. TV commercials, cinema commercials, TV program credits, TV program promotions, public service commercials, branded content, music videos, station IDs, trailers, corporate or event AVPs, infomercials, documentaries, news features, animated videos, and social media videos.

Branded Content and Entertainment

Commercial films, branded content, documentaries, cartoons, viral films, VOD and streaming content, interactive films, immersive content, live broadcast, etc.

Film and Video Craft

Creativity and virtuosity in the service of storytelling through moving pictures.
Visual and cinematic output of a motion picture photography.
The craft of a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects.
The stitching of the shots in a film.
The portrayal of the film’s characters.

Visual Effects and Video Graphics

Video output using traditional, freehand or computer animation techniques.
Visual Effects | CG Animation
Practical or computer-based graphics in moving.
Character Animation
Animation that brings characters to life
Motion Graphics
Animation that uses graphic design as a main component.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is communication design that projects ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form of the communication may be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms (e.g. catalogues, invitations, printed games, direct mail).


A drawing, painting or image created for the purpose of visualizing a message.
Applied Illustration (e.g. t-shirts, bags, books, posters, print ads, album covers)


The use of artistic elements in laying out or arranging typefaces to best achieve the desired visual effect.
Custom Typeface: Originally designed set of fonts, digital or hand-lettered.
Applied typography: The use of type as a design element.


Any real-life images captured or recorded by a camera.
Commercial Photography
For advertising and promotional purposes.
Editorial Photography
Published in magazines, newspapers or online for editorial purposes.
Digital Imaging | Retouching
Creative rendering of an image with the use of photo editing software.

Production Design

The overall look and design of a film set, stage set, TV commercial, broadcast, video production to illustrate the visual style of the story (e.g. set design, costumes, exhibits, props, location, stage, etc.)

Environmental and Spatial Design

Installation and interior design of a 3-Dimensional space for retail, promotion or events (e.g. booth space, retail design, trade show & exposition design, pop-up store display, window display, art exhibits, events space, public spaces, exhibition design, etc.)

Wearable Design

Innovative design of any product that may be worn such as clothing/apparel and fashion accessories (e.g. costumes, headdress, clothes, bags, jewelry, watches, hats, shoes, wearable technology, scarves, headbands, and other accessories).

Digital and Interactive Design

Interactive interface, or motion designs used for digital purposes (e.g. websites, game design, user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design, apps, web banners, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality, Internet of Things, 3D mapping, social media, tweets, etc.)


Design created specifically for use in mobile devices—phone or tablet (e.g. mobile content, mobile advertising, vertical storytelling, mobile apps, etc.)

Radio | Audio | Sound Design

Radio advertising. Audio content for a brand, product, or service. Work that pushes the boundaries of the radio medium. Sound design. Original composition. Existing music. Adapted Music.

Integrated Design

An integrated design system implemented across media, platforms, and products.

Emerging Technology

Design that uses emerging technology. Design that pushes the boundaries what can be done using technology. Entries may still be in beta mode (e.g. blockchain, cryptocurrency, bio engineering, etc.)

Sustainable Design

Design Purpose
For each entry, the purpose would need to be identified in the entry form.
Design for Purpose
Design of an individual, product, company, brand or event for purposes of advertising, promotion or endorsement.
Design for Good
Design of a company or individual’s campaign to support a worthy cause that demonstrates commitment to integrate responsible practices into daily business operations that create social and environmental impact (e.g. advocacy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), public service)


Open Category


Professional / Student


The Theme

adobo Design Week 2019, and the adobo Design Awards Asia, launches its 10th year with the theme, THINK DESIGN THINK. Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives and must always be in service to make lives better. Good design makes good business. Design builds brand credibility and recognition by creating a consistent visual language, thus providing a connection to a brand’s services, offerings, and experience. As creators, designers, brand owners, and as people who experience design in all its forms, be it visual, tangible, digital, or an experience, let us take this moment to re-evaluate the power of purposeful design and demonstrate the value of design thinking to create human-centric design that advances solutions for business, for life, for culture, and society. As the great Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”


Entries must be fresh work that responds to the brief, that is, this year’s Open Category theme, THINK DESIGN THINK. The entry submission requires a Concept Board to allow the campaign to be clearly understood by the judges. Aside from the Concept Board, you can include in your submission the actual finished product, prototype, URL, video, or the design manifestation in any format. The work for the Open Category will be judged based on brilliance and feasibility of the idea, and the potential of the design to affect change or solve a problem.

In the OPEN CATEGORY, we invite professionals, students, and freelancers to think of ideas that offer creative solutions to businesses, services, and experiences that people navigate in their daily lives. This category challenges a new generation of creatives to consider how design thinking and its articulations can open up limitless possibilities, how the power of purposeful design can advance solutions for business, for life, for culture, and for society. THINK DESIGN THINK.

Concept Board Outline

• Title of entry and brand name
• Problem
• Insight
• Synopsis of the big idea
• Design execution
• Entrant name/s